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Stunning Melt And Pour Soaps 

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Finding Great Soap Making Recipes  Can be A Daunting Process

With so many options the choice can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. So here are some suggestions to help you sort the soap from the suds.

What makes  Magical Soap Making Recipes? Great Soap Making Recipes have really Good Soap base and Simple Additives.

Good Recipes Contain Simple Natural Additives 

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Why Not Try Adding Rose Petals  On Your soaps

Great Soap Making Recipes have really good soap base and simple additives. When you read your soap making recipe it should give you enough confidence to start using your melt and pour soap base with natural additives quickly. Have you noticed how many hundreds of soap making web sites are out there, offering soap recipes?  they range frombeing free to commercially priced, yet don’t arouse the kind of passion expected from great soap making recipes.

Add The Best Melt and Pour Soap Base 


 Opaque  & Clear Melt and Pour Soap Bases

I have read so many soap making recipes that fall short of this. Sometimes I use them just to learn how to angle my soap photos. Generally adding one or two extra ingredients isn’t enough to distinguish you from the pack. But making your soap making recipe so complex that the reader needs a degree in applied science won’t win you friends or convince others to give your soap recipe a try!

If you’re new to creating your own melt and pour soap, then follow my simple Melt Mix And Mould method. A magical soap recipe should be simple enough to follow but allow for a creative twist, that lets your soap making recipes stand out from the crowd!

  Our Chocolate Surprise Cake Is One Of The
 Soap Making Recipes My Friends Love To Use


To make your own Chocolate Handmade Soap Surprise just follow this simple Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

What You’ll Need :


Microwave Oven

Cheese Cutter


Microwaveable Jugs

Round non stick container or sandwich pan

A Selection of Plastic Knives and spoons

Inexpensive Equipment For Your
Melt And Pour Soap Recipes


Economical Tools Enhance 
Your Homemade Soap Making  


400grams White/Opaque Melt & Pour Soap Base 

100grams Clear Melt And Pour Soap Base

1 sheet of parchment paper

1 Teacup Oats (Not The Instant Kind)

5ml Chocolate Fragrance

3 Drops Of Honey Or And Oat Fragrance

2 drops of yellow colour

2ml Brown Soap Colour

Sprinkle the oats evenly in the bottom of the sandwich pan. Melt 100gms of clear SLS Free melt and Pour soap base in your microwave using 10 second bursts (this will insure your soap doesn’t burn) Add the yellow colour honey fragrance stir quickly. Make sure your scent is distributed evenly. Pour the soap into the container and Mix the Oats and soap gently together.

Melt 200grams of your white soap base. Add 3 ml brown soap colour and 2 ½  ml of chocolate fragrance. Stir until both fragrance and colour are completely distributed. Check to see if the first layer of oats has a formed a skin that’s hard enough to support the next layer. Spitz the first layer with rubbing alcohol (surgical spirits). Pour the second dark layer.

Next, melt 200grams of white base add remaining fragrance and all but 5 drops of chocolate colour. As soon as the second layer has cooled and is ready to support the third layer spritz with rubbing alcohol. Pour on the last layer.

To Make Your  Decorations:  Melt  the remaining 2gms of white soap add the 5 drops of chocolate colour.  Pour two teaspoonful’s of the melted soap on the parchment paper and leave to cool.  Dip a teaspoon into the remaining  melted soap and  drizzle the soap over  your soap cake. Slice the uneven ends off cooled soap and gently peal away from the parchment. Form the soap into a small coil. Spray the top of your Chocolate Soap Surprise and place the coiled soap in the middle.

The Best Melt and Pour Soap Base Reliable  
, the Finest Natural Additives and….



Vola – Your Own Natural  Handmade Soap.
Great to display – perfect to use. You can even start you own business and sell your melt and pour soap creations.