Soap Making Classes For Everyone has created very special soap making classes and workshops for everyone, from nursery, 4-7 through to adults.

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At, we take care to tailor to your needs so that your day is creative, exciting, fun and safe.  Making your own soaps allows the flexibility to create designer soap sensitive soaps for skin issues, like eczema black/white heads spots and pimples. These can cause distress and embarrassment at any age.

We can also offer a DVD Of the day of your party. This makes a great gift or keepsake for you, your family or friends!

Because of the fun and safety aspect of our classes, BOTH children and adults can create natural handmade soap with ease after taking our classes. Everyone gets to take away their beautiful soaps on the day. We’ll even show you how to package them for a special gift. Classes at our soap bar in London Fulham are as little as £99.00 including soap!

We even provide packaging ideas to display and sell your finished soaps. Here are just some of the benefits of taking our great handmade soap making classes:

  • How To Choose Your  Soap Base
  • How To Layer Your Soaps For Dramatic Effect
  • How  To Use Natural Additives To Decorate Your Soap
  • How To Mould The Soaps
  • How To Melt And Blend The Soaps
  • How To Package Your Soaps.
  • Using Embeds To Make Your Soaps Stand Out
  • A Fun And  Inexpensive Way To Start Making Soap
  • Troubleshooting
  • Minimal Cost To Start– Just £99 Including All Materials And Ingredients


We have  special FREE soap making classes £20.00 per person for  unemployed and non profit  organisations – and £7.00  for  schools . You only pay for the soap making ingredients and equipment!

Our unique soap and bath salts and soap making in school classes, provides a stimulating and enjoyable educational environment. This is especially responsive to a child’s developmental stages, innate desire to learn and expand their creative abilities. bath salts

For younger children aged 3-5 years, we offer  a fun filled bath salts creation class. Here they can colour fragrance and create their special bath salts with our natural sea salts package.

Everyone loves the experience of creating their own handmade soaps or bath salts. They come alive with the thrill of creating their own product. You can learn the exact amount of soap base it takes to create soaps, colour and fragrance. All the soaps are pure SlS or organic free bases, so they are gentle on the skin.

Just think of the benefit of having your own soap making class in your school. It can enhance creativity, aide learning and even be used for fundraising. We offer a DVD Of the day, so your school can sell to raise funds for school projects. 

We also offer an after school soap making class. Please contact us for details. Tel. 0207-9938779