melt and pour soap crafting- secrets
of the billion dollar  industry

handmadesoap box by Cherie B


Our melt and pour soap pages will help you to understand this wonderful soap  crafting process and create your own natural healing and fun soaps.

This web site is for: Proactive Parents – Parents who are taking an active role in the education of their children will be love this creative interactive course.  with  easy melt and pour recopies  that you can use at home to help with their child’s learning progress.

Stay at Home Parentsstay at home parents who are  looking at ways to develop your  own creative and or life skills.

Entrepreneursif you’re wanting tocreate a new business,  earn additional income , business start-ups.

Do you want to work part time? Well here you’ll  find our easy natural and creative DVD a welcome necessity  which allows you to fast tract both your knowledge and creative skills in this billion pound industry.

Craft and Hobbyists – We’ll show you great melt and pour  magazines and websites are selling the ingredients for  all your melt and pour soap making.  you’ve come to the right  place, because our web site  will show the easy way to create fun natural designer soaps.

Our Melt and Pour Soap Web Site
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It’s easy to master the melt and pour process…really. Children are great at this, well let’s face it children are great at most things… especially I they have a good teacher!

Are you the type of person who likes to scrutinize product labels?  If not, then it’s probably time you do.  Much of what we use, consume, and put on our bodies in the modern society account for the increasing health issues today – and soap ingredients are no exception.

Take a look at the soap ingredients of that bar you recently opened and placed in the bathroom. These chemical soap ingredients are often used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry-and  for soaps, to lengthen the shelf-life of soap products.

Several studies showed that these soap ingredients cause several skin problems (like dermatitis, clogged pores, skin ageing),soap-ingredients-to-avoid

Use our videos to create  your own melt and pour soaps that use natural ingredients as an alternative to synthetically manufactured soaps.  These soaps are gaining in popularity and many consumers are discovering their benefits far more than the  usual synthetic brand  soaps.

Now you’ve found your way here because you’re interested in what you and ‘yours’ use to clean delicate skin. If you’re still debating on making your own soap just read those  ingredients again.  Then the next time you go to the grocery be a smart shopper and read the labels.  It’s  not only for your own good… it’s for your family  too!