homemade soap recipes chocolate soap
bar your kids will love

This is one of homemade soap recipes t that the kids love to make and use.

A delightful chocolate soap bar the look and smell of a traditional bar of chocolate, but with the wonderful qualities of the best homemade melt and pour soap.

The great thing about making your own homemade soap recipes is that you can experiment with a host of natural additives. Although this soap is easy to make you can of course altar the ingredients by adding a little cinnamon or other herbs.

Fragrances can also be changed to suit! Each bar can be cut into smaller sections and used as guest soaps. If you have a soap business you can even give them away as an added bonus to your loyal customers

If you’re really adventurous try creating a layer of liquid soap in between two solid layers of melt and pour soap.

 Creating Your Chocolate  Soap Delight











The equipment you’ll need is pretty basic. A microwave oven is essential. Although some people say that a double boiler is an alternative, I’ve found this to be a rather slow. However if you’re dead set against using a microwave then this might be the way to go.

Heat resistant measuring jugs can be bought cheaply at many ninety nine cents (pence…if you’re in England) stores. Amazon also sells a lot of the necessary equipment and ingredients to make this soap box. Yellow soap colour varies, the tone of your colours largely depends on the soap wholesalers you purchase from; this can also be said of your melt and pour soap base.

It might be a good to point out at this time that you should make friends with your suppliers. If you intend to really make a go of this craft. Good soap suppliers can steer you in the right direction when it comes to buying supplies to crafting all your homemade soap recipes.

This homemade soap recipe will show you how to make your own it’s a beautiful large chocolate soap bar from scratch.


I measure my ingredients and have them ready.
This makes the process quick and easy.

First cut and weigh 100 grams of met and pour SLS free soap base. Our mould can hold 4 100gram (3 ½ ounce) bars but we’re going to start off making one bar. Cut the soap base into roughly 1inch pieces will enable the soap to melt quicker.

Next measure your fragrance.  As this is only one bar you will need about 10 drops of chocolate soap fragrance. Using a 1ml dropper will allow you to get the correct amount of both colour and sent. Add the fragrance and colour to each dropper, if you bottles do not have dropper caps.

Put the soap pieces into the microwaveable jug and pop in the microwave.  The soap should melt in around 30 t0 40 seconds. Use 10 to 20 second busts checking the soap each time to make sure you don’t overheat or boil the soap.

When the soap is completely melted put in your fragrance add brown colour a couple of drops at a time. If you’re trying to create milk chocolate soap then  drop your colour until you’re happy with the results.

Remember   the more colour you use the darker your soap recipe. Pour in to the mould and leave for around three to five hours.

If the soap sticks the pop in in the freezer for about ten minutesthis will make it easy to unmould.

When your chocolate soap bar has fully set 


cut into  hand or mini soapsand enjoy!