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From the Desk of: Cherie Benjamin 
  Using Our Natural Soap Making Video At Home For Pleasure & Profit.

If you’ve ever wanted a natural soap making video, then you’ve come to the right place. Let me take your hand as I guide you with our easy soap making video tutorial and show you how to create your first stunning handmade soaps.

You’ll be amazed (as will your friends and family), when you show off your new perfect melt & pour soaps. It doesn’t ‘matter if you’re a novice, you’ll be delighted at the results.

My step by step natural soap making video, will guide you effortlessly from the comfort of your own home! It’s fun and since its hand made melt & pour soap making, there’s NO Danger From Caustic Soda known as lye.  Lye is the main ingredient used when making cold processed soaps. It can cause severe burns if used incorrectly… or even  just by accidental spillage!

With our natural soap making video tutorial,”  How To Become A Soap Making Success ” you’ll be creating stunning handmade soaps without ever having to use harmful ingredients!  In fact this soap making video is so user friendly, it’s even used to teach young children easy soap making step by step in schools.

Plus+++ I’ve made your natural soap making video so simple, you’ll be crafting your own beautiful handmade melt & pour soaps in no time! Soon you’ll be making natural handmade soap from home you’ll be proud of!  just click the button to get access to your natural soap making video NOW!

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

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 My Goal is For You To Learn & Master The Skill 
Of Crafting The Handmade Soap You Desire 

natural soap making video


Create Organic Skin Exfoliating  Soaps 
In The Comfort of Your Home

I’ve taught hundreds of children to make organic skin exfoliating  homemade soaps, using my natural soap making video.  Just think for a moment … if children can learn, imagine how easy it will be for you to start crafting your own soaps with my soap making video tutorial  “How To become A Soap Making Success” video.

Let me guide you to mastering  the art of  melt and pour Soap Crafting with my natural soap making video, so YOU can produce  your own designer handmade soaps with ease..

Using the Right Additives Makes the Difference
 Between A Good Or A Great Handmade Soap

natural soap making video

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

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Do you or your family have problem skin? Are you prone to  eczema, spots or suffer from excess oil that builds up on your face… especially on the forehead and around the nose?  Did you know its usually caused by over the counter soap bought  products that are filled with mineral oils and harsh synthetic additives!  These can cause spots and continue the same problems you’re trying to get rid of!

Is your soap causing you or your kids to scratch? Are you tired of  seeing them with sore dry or flaking skins? In my   “How To Become A Soap Making Success” natural soap making video and free course materialsyou’ll find out what can cause itching and  how to stop the itch!

Is Your Soap Making Your Kids  Scratch? 

child scratching her arm because of harmful soap

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

 Do they Love Bath Time But Hate The Soap !!! 
I created this natural soap making video because like a lot of parents in this day and age, my children had very sensitive skins. Store bought soaps would give them a terrible rash or simply irritate their delicate skin. I thought I would never find a soap that wouldn’t give them nasty itchy side effects.

Then I began crafting my own natural soap at home with pure additives and it worked like a charm. So I started  making  soaps for friends and family. Soon they said that not only were my handmade soaps great to look at, they were clearing their skin.


Get your natural soap making video”How To Become A Soap Making Success



See How To  Top Up Your Soap Cakes
With Fluffy Ice Cream Soap   

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

Now with your natural soap making video tutorial, “How To Become A Soap Making Success”, you’ll learn how to make fantastic melt & pour handmade soap, step by step. This fantastic, inexpensive and easy to use soap making video will save you hundreds in costly workshop fees and store bought designer soaps.

Get  “How To Become A Soap Making Success”, natural soap making video and start making soap at home…  in under an hour from now!

Now You Can Save  Hundreds $$$
No More Costly Workshop Fees  

123soap handmade-soap-box with love birds by Joanna davis

Create Your Designer Soap, Step By Step

If you’re looking for a new business, hobby or skill then you’ll love “How to Become A Soap Making Success”.Click the buy now button and discover how you can start crafting  great handmade natural soaps today… without leaving your home!

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

Here Are Just A Few Ways To Use
Your New Soap Making Skills

  1.  Create  your Own Designer handmade Soaps For Sale… the internet is a great way to start selling with minimum cost!
  2.  Design pure homemade soaps for friends and family… think of the wonderful benefits for your friends and family with sensitive skin!
  3. Become a natural handmade soap coach…yes you could even start teaching the art of soap crafting with my natural soap making video.

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

I’ve taught soap making in homes, centres, schools and  even the Girl Guides….


Watch  As I Show You Step-By-Step
My Soap Making Success Secrets.

How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

Don’t worry if you’ve never made soap before, you can learn how to make your own designer melt & pour soaps – from scratch! You don’t need any experience. Just relax, let me take your hand and show you how easy it is  soap making at home with my natural soap making video!
If you found your way here because you’re interested in what you and ‘your family use to clean their delicate skin. Or because you’re tired of your career and want a rewarding creative change, let me  share these wonderful techniques with you.

Whether you’re  looking for a a solution to  a skin problem or want to design  your  soaps  for pleasure or profit, “How To BecomeSoap Making Success” my natural soap making video is  right for you.

making-soap-at-home chocolate-three-layer-soap cake

Pass On Your Passion  Or…
pass on Your Passion-It’s Your Choice
Making soap at home without lye, allows me to teach my soap making  techniques to both children and adults. It gives me the confidence to create beautiful natural hand made soaps in a safe environment free from  noxious substances.

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Now It’s Your Turn –  


Create the Handmade Soaps You’ve 
Always Dreamed Of

           Look At What You’ll Find With Your “How to Become A Soap Making Success” Video Course!

  • Soap Ingredients to Avoid-Several studies showed that these soap ingredients cause  skin problems (like dermatitis, clogged pores, skin ageing).  Find out which ones to steer clear of.
  • Soap Crafting From Scratch – learn with ease as we show you in the comfort of your home how to make your first handmade designer soaps.
  • Best Equipment-How to Spend Less And Get More for your money!
  • The History of Soap Makingbefore it evolved into its modern form.
  • How To Make a Craft out of Soap Making-Where to Get the Best Soap Making  Supplies ( Price and Product)- this may surprise you!
  • Awesome Additives – How using the right additives can  make the difference between  a good or a Great Soap
  • Layering Made simple – Watch as we show you how to Create Stunning Whipped Layers for your soaps!
  • Why Creating Your Own natural soap can help  you to FLAWLESS  Youthful Skin – How making your own soap helps “delay” ageing.
  • What’s The Best Way To  Make Soap? –Did you know that there are a variety of ways to create your soap?  which way is right for you? Learn  the pros and cons – Before you spend your hard earned cash!
  • How to Choose your Melt and Pour Soap?-We’ tell you  The Most Important Questions To Ask  when buying your Soap Base.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – What they are… and why you should NEVER buy your ingredients without one!
  • Whip Your Soap Into Shape – Now you can top up your soap cakes with Fluffy Ice Cream Soap. Learn from start to finish  the easiest way to design a sensational soap cake!

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  • Soaps And Scents”   The Art Of Aromatherapy… shows you the skill of pampering the spirit, mind and body with natural aromatic elements.
  • “Soap Making Success Bumper Course Book, packed with  fun easy soap making info. A great extra asset to your course!
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Once You Get How To Become A Soap Making Success
You’ll Never  Need To Buy Store Bought Soaps Again.