Easy Soap Making In Schools Fun Day

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(VIDEO) - How The Girl Guides Had Fun... And Created Their Own Designer Soaps With Our 123 Soap Course!

Our soap making in schools FUN day is a great way to get children and young people to learn a new, exciting crafting experience and learn about weights and measures !

We offer a fun packed learning experience where each child or young person can practice making their own cupcake soaps.  Schools, non profit, charities or young people’s organizations can also benefit by using the soaps they create during their soap making in schools day  for fund-raising.  We even provide a DVD, that can be used to share their soap making day with family and friends.

The cost  of this great  soap making in schools day is only £7.00 per child including soap, fragrance, colours and moulds.

Learn to Make

cupcake chocolate handmade soap

Your First Cupcake Soaps
Just click the Get Access Button and pop in the number of children you want to add to the fun  soap making in schools day. The price will be automatically calculated for you. How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD! They will discover:

  1. How to fragrance the soaps
  2. How to add colour
  3. How to layer your soaps for dramatic effect
  4. How  to use natural additives to decorate your soap
  5. How to mould the soaps
  6. How to melt and blend the soaps
  7. How to package your soaps. 

All for the low non-profit price
 of £7.00 per child!
How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!If you’ve been on the lookout for a 1-2-3 easy step soap making in schools class for your college, school or young person’s group, you’ve come to the right place. Here at 123soap.com we’ll provide a fun filled soap making in schools  day to suit your needs. Because our soap making schools UK workshops are all held in your school or at our soap bar in London you don’t have to miss out!

We’ll Even Come To You, Don’t Leave
Your Business, School Or Group To Benefit!

We provide all the soap and equipment at a really low non-profit price of £7.00. for schools. 123soap.com is dedicated to bringing natural soap making to everyone who wants to create their own natural soaps. But unlike all the other soap making schools and courses, we won’t charge you a small fortune to teach you great soap making skills! Why? Because at 123soap.com, we believe all young people should have the chance to be creative without paying through the nose for the privilege! The class lasts around 1-2 hours and we’ll teach you how to create your own natural cupcake soaps that are also great for sensitive skins.

mixed-cupcake- handmade soap

Everyone will get to take away their beautiful handmade soaps on the day. We’ll even show you how to package them for a special gift. Just take a look at the fun filled soap making in schools day with “The Girl Guides”! You can see what fun they had. Plus they made beautiful cupcakes  to take home!!!

For younger children aged 3-5 years we offer a fun filled bath salts creation class

 fun bath salts

Scented Bath Salts Collection
Young people love the experience of creating their own handmade soaps or bath salts. They come alive with the thrill of creating their own product. They can learn the exact amount of soap it takes to create their soaps colour and fragrance.

All the soaps at our soap making schools workshops, are  SLS  free or Organic  free, so they are gentle on the skin. We even provide packaging ideas to display and sell your finished soaps. Just think of the benefit of having your own soap making in schools class in your school. It can enhance creativity, aide learning and even be used for fundraising.

We  offer a DVD Of the day, so the school can sell to raise funds for school projects. We also offer an after school soap making class. Please contact us for details. Tel. 0207-9938779 So what are you waiting for, just click the link below to order your fun filled soap making schools workshop for your school or group today!   How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

If You Thought Creating Handmade Soap Was Dull… Think Again!
Just take a look at our FUN DAY soap making schools  day with the Girl Guides! Watch the  video of our Melt and Pour Soap Crafting Fun Day with the Girl Guides. They spent a couple of hours crafting soap making magic… and  had the time of their lives! All the girls were so enthusiastic and loved every moment of our soap making schools class . As you can see from the video the laughter was contagious. 



You can see how enjoyable and creative you can be with just a little help from us at  123 soap.com.  Now it’s your turn to create your own soap making magic!

To book your own FUN soap making schools workshop Just click on the  Get Access Now Button for your Fun Filled Day,

We offer a DVD Of the day, so the school can sell to raise funds for school projects. We also provide after school soap making class. Please contact us for details. Tel. 0207-9938779. So what are you waiting for, just click the link below to order your fun filled soap making schools workshop for your group today!  !

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How To Become A Soap Making Success” DVD!

An excellent soap making day! Thanks to Cherie who made the day so special for all the kids in the school! We sold all our soaps and made a profit for the school. Mr Block- New King School

To all at123soap.com … This was priceless … I am making my own soaps now  … I wish I had learnt this 5 months ago Thank You … regards … Katie Leaver

This is an excellent-soap making course…  I still can’t believe the fun we had! You did a great job with this course. For anyone looking to learn soap making and have FUN this is the course for you! Obviously you get a BIG thumbs up from me on this fantastic soap making course. Ann Messmer

Hi everyone at 123soap.com, I’m new to soap making and is very happy to be able to gain the knowledge on setting up my own soap making business.easily with your soap making day! A great soap-making course. I am looking forward to making money with my soaps- Leslie

We had a really great time making our own soaps and we got to take them home. I gave one  to my mother for her birthday. She as so amazed…she couldn’t believe I made it! am really glad I we got to learn soap making with 123soap.cpm !Thanks Jodie fisher,

I was very impressed with the soap making day. It has a tremendous amount of good information. This was very much appreciated and we had lots of fun. Keep up the good work. Jane Maranga